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of our generation

We have been campaigning for highly-experienced and highly-awarded creative women to lead our own narrative. But the message isn’t getting through. We’re still invisible to male creative directors. So we’ve designed an initiative to fast track midlife creative women into senior roles. Because women’s voices will not truly be heard when 83% of the gatekeepers are men.

Work with the greatest CREATIVE WOMEN of our generation




We have just completed our first pilot programme in digital marketing in conjunction with Brixton Finishing School and WPP to train women to fill the skills gap in digital analytics and programmatic advertising.

We think the results speak for themselves:

  • 298 women signed up for the free course. 159 identified as white British
  • 100 women completed the course
  • 18 women are currently employed by WPP media agencies – many at a much higher level than expected. 5 of these women are ethnically diverse
  • 14 women are currently interviewing for ring-fenced positions

We are now growing this initiative to other agency groups and industries with skills shortages.


What talent crisis?

Twice as many women than men have left the workforce since the pandemic.

A third of mothers have scaled back or left their jobs since lockdown.

Women participating in the paid workforce has dropped to 1980s levels.

It’s a headhunter’s and HR person’s worst nightmare.



Available now

Invisible to


Now on its second print run and available for pre-order ahead of its US release on June 28th, Invisible to Invaluable has become an essential manifesto and call to action for midlife women.

And an enlightening guidebook to anyone who wants to profit from the most powerful women the world has ever seen.

Invisible to Invaluable Book Cover