Visible Start Graduate


Authentic leader who oozes compassion and inspirational experience.

Anna Rooseveare

Anna is a beautiful, courageous woman with a deep and meaningful appreciation of others that immediately secures trust and understanding.

Her creative flair shows self-awareness and she has a warmth that allows her to open conversation with ease. Exuding a kind and caring nature in the way she communicates, Anna listens attentively and connects with a sincere meaning. To listen to her interpretation of her life, she finds balance in researching and reviewing her findings through a personal lens.

She has a free, intelligent, uplifting persona, a heart-warming smile and the natural ability to make people laugh, and paints her vision through exploring strong visual connection – Anna’s quest for life is intertwined with her love or art: reading widely and sharing her learnings with humble wisdom.

Honest and knowledgeable, she demonstrates a fascination and desire to share herself with others and has spent a large part of her career leading people down life-changing paths. Anna is an extremely authentic leader who oozes compassion and inspirational experience.