Our lady reinvented


Four words that changed a life. Between the sheets of an illicit affair, her lover asked something she had never heard in her fifty plus years on the planet.

Anonymous woman

“What do you want?”

It was a question she had never even asked herself.

She’d always been a good girl. Did exactly what she was told. And looked after everyone else but her.

She was holding down the fort in the family’s failing IT business, finishing the last few years of child-raising, and living with a man who was getting more and more distant.

Those four words whispered by a dangerous stranger woke something deep inside her. Her appetite for life. Her desires. Her needs.

So, she walked away. From everything. Without a penny to her name.

She spent the next few years homeless, working minimum wage jobs completely emotionally and financially broken.

But she was free. And the best thing about hitting rock bottom is the only way is up.

Our lady reinvented herself.

She started a blog, a podcast, and a twitter account that explored her awakening sexuality. After decades of feeling as though she was nothing more than a sexual commodity, she took charge.

Writing explicitly of her trysts, experiments and adventures opened her creativity. She took artistic and sensual pictures of her beautiful 61-year-old body. But she never showed her face.

She saved that for the office.

Her increased self-esteem gave her the confidence to land a job as a project manager for an IT services provider. She wasn’t afraid to be the oldest face in the room, she knew her stuff.

And she knew that she wasn’t working in ‘tech’. She was working in a people business. After her re-invention, she was better at her job – she had become a better person.

But she does wish she wasn’t always the oldest person in the bars, nightclubs, and cool places she now hangs out.

“I look at all those women in their Laura Ashley houses who are bored of their husbands and I wonder how they cope night after night in front of the telly.”

After decades of conforming to other’s expectations and ideals, she’s finally in control, she’s completely herself and she’s having the time of her life.

And with healthy baby boomers now predicted to live till 120, she’s still got half a life to live!