We’re not an agency. We are agency.

Uninvisibility is more than just a movement, we’re a network of the greatest creative women of our generation. Women over 45 make 50.3% of all consumer purchasing decisions. So anyone who is serious about rebuilding the economy must get serious about the most powerful consumer group on the planet. But clever social media campaigns and schmaltzy ad campaigns won’t cut it. Brands and marketers have ignored midlife women for so long they no longer give a shit about what you have to say. It’s time to be clever.

Notice anyone missing?

Do you even know who we are?

The depiction of women in advertising travels from troubled teenager to vixen to career women to young mother. Then it skips to an old woman looking for funeral insurance.

Completely missing the women with the most to spend.

We can change this. Can you?

Let us tell our own damn stories!

In the time we have run the project we have seen an increase in images of older women in advertising. Few have got us right. Why? Because midlife women don’t exist. Not in the research companies. Not in marketing departments. Not in agencies. And not in the production companies.

We are here. Brilliant women with stellar careers who grew out of agencies to inhabit the real world. Now we’re ready to unleash our genius again. We have cupboards filled with awards and egos that have been satisfied, we are happy to work with agencies or clients directly. We want to shout our message from the rooftops and work with those who can make a better future for all of us.

Not building an audience – recruiting an army!

Uninvisibility’s founder Jane Evans created one of the world’s first craft beer brands and has teamed up with Jacquie Duckworth to build a new agency structure based on the micro-brewery model.

When you have no budget you need a great story to tell.

When you can’t afford to advertise you need to find the people who will tell your story for you. Our following is just over 11,000. But the people who engage with us can share our story with over 150 million people.

Give your customers what they need.

Our most important conversations have been offline. We have been meeting with the leaders of business, tech and government and Jane has been delivering keynotes at conferences around the world. Most agencies start with what their founders desire, we’re starting with what our customers need. And we’re damn well going to give it to them.

Punks on the tube

The time for talk is over – it’s time for action!

The ultimate goal of Uninvisibility is to get midlife women working. You can make a difference right now by employing midlife women to talk to ourselves!

Pick our brains


We can send in a team of consultants to tackle almost any business or communication challenge and provide a viewpoint that is missing from almost every agency on the planet.

Let us surprise you


We have amassed a network of the greatest creative women of our generation. We are all digitally ambidextrous and raring to work with brands to create a vibrant, realistic and inspiring image of midlife women.

Come along for the ride


The Uninvisibility project has a social media calendar that will dominate the ageing conversation in 2021. It’s the perfect opportunity for brands to align with their most important customer base.