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Dedicated to help people grow and watch them succeed.

Christine Jones

Christine Jones has had an impressive career. Working agency-side in advertising , she’s held strategic Director-level leadership roles in which organisation has been paramount. And Christine is super organised. But she’s also warm, friendly and positive; a bright, cheerful presence with whom it’s a pleasure to spend your time. You can’t help but warm to Christine. You can see why she’s been so successful.

Now a freelance Business and Marketing Consultant, she’s been contemplating a return to the corporate environment – missing the camaraderie of having a team. Christine’s always been a people person.

She’s also a doer. The most outlandish tasks don’t phase her – Christine’s seasoned in getting things done. She has a completer-finisher mentality that’s rare; that’s innate. And a quality you can’t help but admire.

A “comfortable leader” who puts “total faith” in her team, Christine will train, promote and defend the people she hires. A woman dedicated to help people grow — to watch them succeed beyond her remit — she is also “incredibly loyal”.

A ‘pleaser’ in as much as she will do her best to please clients, but better at fighting other people’s battles than her own. You can tell she’d be a great boss: comfortable holding her corner against anyone. You just know Christine would always have your back.

Though now firmly based in London, she’s lived in Belgium and Spain and is fluent in French. She loves to cook, eat and entertain, go to restaurants, the cinema and museums. A self-confessed “sports nut”, Christine is a huge fan of rugby. She’s also a runner, with a number of half and full marathons under her belt. That completer-finisher mentality isn’t just in her work DNA!

“I’m ridiculously young at heart and love nothing better than dancing round my kitchen to loud music whilst prepping meals, with my daughters looking on aghast!”

She loves to travel, recently returning from a trip to Brussels with her two daughters where together they watched singer-songwriter Francis Cabrel. “We ate our way around town, had a lot of laughs and generally just enjoyed a girly weekend and each others’ company – it had been years since we’d done such a trip due to the pandemic.”

Visible Start has inspired Christine to consider where she takes her career next and the focus on digital has sparked some ideas. As has meeting — and working alongside — so many interesting, entrepreneurial midlife women – it’s almost like being part of a team again.

Christine is a woman who, once you’ve met, you know you want to meet again. And over a visit to a gallery or two, I’m already looking forward to us sharing more stories.