Visible Start Graduate


From running a home, raising a family and juggling part-time working to helping out at her children’s schools, Daisy is hungry to shine.

Daisy Pashley

Daisy Pashley joined Visible Start to gain insights into the world of WPP and reclaim her space in the workplace having dedicated 10 years to her young family.  It’s given her the opportunity to see how her previous career, experience and skills could be used to progress her future and has come at a time when she’s hungry to shine. Daisy is hoping to find a role that will allow her to develop her considerable skillset and fulfil her needs at this stage of midlife, alongside being a mum and role model to her three daughters.

The course has given Daisy great confidence, reinforced her own self-belief and given her morale a boost around what she has to offer. She recognises that this is an opportunity to seize with both hands, and I would not have known it was her first time taking a Zoom call within a coffee shop – Daisy is a true professional!

The course has shown her just how many transferable skills she has to bring to a role: from running a home, raising a family and juggling part-time working to helping out at her children’s schools.

In her early career, Daisy’s role in PR and Advertising took her to travel and work in Australia. As Executive Assistant to senior management at ITV, she then became Investor Relations Manager, working with the Executive floor in the city before leaving to start a family.

Daisy still enjoys traveling and is passionate about different cultures, having lived in Australia, India and France.

An active member of the local community in Tunbridge Wells, Daisy really wants to make a difference to cultural diversity in the area and has worked on a number of community-led projects as well as helping to organise the Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival. She currently manages The Amelia Scott Cultural Trust: a charity established to raise funds for the town’s arts projects.

A keen yoga enthusiast, Daisy enjoys walking her dog and braving the waters as a cold sea swimmer in Suffolk’s North Sea, and devotes her spare time to helping out at her daughter’s schools.

It was a pleasure to spend time with her discussing her career and aspirations.