Visible Start Graduate

Denise Headley

Denise is a natural problem solver; using her wealth of life experience to find solutions to everyday issues.

Denise Headley

Denise Headley is a dynamic, thought-provoking midlifer with a wealth of life experience! A mother to twin girls who have now flown the nest to study for their degrees at university, Denise sees herself as a natural problem solver; using her creativity to find solutions to everyday issues. Professionally, she works as an Advice & Information Manager for a charity, but is also a broadcaster, political commentator and current affairs pundit on radio and television.

Denise possesses excellent communication skills, is a fantastic conversationalist and a good listener. She loves to help people by finding innovative ways to solve problems and speaks her mind with an honest passion on subjects close to her heart – Denise is not afraid to go out on a limb and leave the pack to follow her beliefs.

A politician and local Councillor for 12 years in her hometown of Enfield, Denise made political history twice, first crossing the floor from Labour Councillor to join the Conservative party (again demonstrating her strength of character and following her heart for what she believed to be right for her constituency and local community), and secondly successfully campaigning to have the Environment Agency issue a nuisance order on the North London Waste Authority for their emissions – a passionate charge for her local community not to have to endure the smell any longer! Denise is a very strong woman who fights for her local community; she’s a force of nature!


Denise doesn’t see weaknesses, only opportunities for growth and personal development, and signed up for the Visible Start programme having seen a synergy with other midlife women in her age bracket. After celebrating her 50th birthday this year she was keen to learn about the world of advertising and marketing — an area in which she had no experience — and is enjoying the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Denise loves learning new skills and is using the course to help grow her own network and audience.

With a great sense of humour and many transferable skills, Denise considers herself an innovator for people who have neurodivergent challenges and always strives to encourage equality – she’s the person you need in the room not only to ask difficult questions but to implement the outcomes and turn a project on its head in order to find the best solution.

She’s an asset to any team, bringing strength, passion and creativity to any project she turns her hand to.