Dead ends are sometimes secret gateways


After a successful 30 year business career in the media, working across the world’s most iconic brands and rubbing shoulders with business leaders, thought leaders, celebrities, and all the ‘Fash-Mag-Slags’.  Jacquie fell out of style.

Jacquie Duckworth

She suffered the all-too-common mid-career slump mothers encounter in highly competitive work environments.

She took an interim role as the Commercial Director on the financial B2B portfolio at Centaur.

And had an epiphany.

She realised that she was completely ignorant about financial products and services – she felt ashamed that she didn’t actually understand what the clients in the sector were talking about.

Then she discovered she was not alone, that research has proved time and time again that women did not know or understand what was on offer to them – and not only that, they felt so ashamed that they were so in the dark about all of it. 

What had seemed like a stop-gap earner turned into a powerful mission. Jacquie has now started her own business working with clients in the financial sector to help them engage with women. 

“Having been THAT ashamed, ignorant woman, I believe passionately that  educating, encouraging and empowering women of all ages will ensure our economy, society and community will be a better place.”

After building a career selling women Prada – not property, lipstick – not long term investments, and scents – not sensible financial planning, Jacquie is turning the second half of her career into one where women make the most of their wealth.

All while wearing Prada, bright red lipstick, and smelling absolutely fabulous, of course, darling. Sweetie darling.