Letting someone else take over the wheel


Janet’s life has always been different. When other kids watched ‘The Brady Bunch’ she was living it.

Janet Grey

In such a crazy house, she learned early on you can’t plan for what life may throw at you. You just have to learn to ride the wave and hope it steers you to shore.

Janet rode her wave all around the world.

From California’s San Fernando Valley to LA, where she go-go danced for The Specials, and the wrong school found her the right people who encouraged her to go to France to find herself.

In Montpellier, where she fell into depression and was saved by a group of English students who pried a copy of The Bell Jar out of her hands and fed her tarte au citrons to reawaken her senses and remind her what pleasure feels like.

And she took it to the extreme.

To London’s punk scene, where scary groupies chased her down the cobbled streets.

Back to France and Deauville’s film festival of the stars, where she chaperoned Rock Hudson and Shelley Winters. Where the offer of a ‘Head of Film’ role in Paris sounded too good to be true.

And it was. When she arrived, the job disappeared. A Frenchman taught her how to play the horses. She won thousands of Euros picking race winners without ever leaving her bed.

But failed paperwork took her back to LA and back on her feet. She found a job that satisfied a new passion. Music. She spent the next 15 years working for record labels and travelling the world.

Till she was grounded by cancer.

Through it, she found an unlikely guide. Her grandmother. A woman she had never met. While stuck in bed she discovered the diaries of a woman who was a lot like her. While fighting for her future, Janet discovered her past. At the beginning of her travels, lent a 35mm camera that had never left her side, she had it all on film. And as she looked at the images of her life entwined with the pages of her grandmother’s heart, she appreciated the gift of time and fought to have a lot more of it.

Once she was back on her feet she was back on the road.

But it wasn’t plain sailing and she was hit by an unexpected wave that almost swept her away. In that split-second when everything to nothing flashed before her eyes she knew what she had to do. An idea that had been with her all along.

She returned home and started TravelDrivers, a network of local driver-guides from all over the world who allow you to explore it at your own pace, discover local secrets, and to take a back seat without worry.

Janet had never really ridden that wave alone. She’d always had guides. And now others will.

Because when the world throws its worst at you, you have to see the best in it. And Janet wants them to see the world in the best way possible.