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As a healer & Spiritual Coach — in reiki and reflexology — her tools are her hands while her gifts are her kindness and compassion.

Juline Sinclair

Juline Sinclair is a ‘Spiritual Coach’. A proud Bristolian living in London, there’s an undeniable ‘rhotic’: as she speaks, her ‘r’s roll like a song.

As a healer — in reiki and reflexology — her tools are her hands. And her gifts are her kindness, compassion; how much she cares.

Her healing comes from her heart. But her healing is passed through the feet. It’s the feet that carry the weight of our minds and the stress of our days, it’s the feet that are the route into your soul. Juline is there to offer her hands so that this healing can be done. The sessions are intentional, a mutual agreement, a deep connection: emotional experiences that are transformational for both her and her client, lessons from which she continues to learn, regardless of how many feet she’s now held.

Juline is able to sit with her clients. To offer them the space to discuss difficult topics — clients who are “stuck” or uncertain, suffering from low esteem or experiencing uncertainty — and support them to unlock their next steps. Respectfully, from their own starting point, in their own time. Juline is a woman who knows how to share her gifts: focus and intention are key to the work she does. As much as they are part of the person she is. She thinks before she speaks, observes before she acts: confidently cautious, and confidently curious.

Juline looks to be in service to others, but also knows to look after herself. She loves to sing, walk, laugh and talk – connections with the world are very vital to her everyday life.

She’s soon to release a podcast as the co-host on a show — ‘Wednesday Woo Woo’ — all about health and wellbeing. She’s planning to release books on leadership, and is determined to have some work published by the end of the year. Juline wears many hats. All of them with service in mind.

When asked for what things she would like to be remembered, Juline will tell you there’s three.

As being confident to have difficult conversations – not put off by evasion, allowing and enabling others to be open and transparent. So much energy goes into not having ‘hard talk’. “Let’s just have the conversation.” It’s too exhausting — and debilitating — not to.

As having shown her daughters that they are strong, intelligent women, that they can utilise resilience without adversity. That they can be as strong as an oak tree and ‘weather the storm’. That a thirst for knowledge and learning never ends, no matter their age, no matter the time, no matter the space.

And for her words, both poetry and self-help.

For someone who considers themselves an introvert, Juline instinctively thrives in conversation. You could say she’s out of the shade.

“My hands and heart are tools of my trade. [My hands] are a gift!”

And they are by far not her only one.