Visible Start Graduate


Lorna’s personal mission is to own midlife, have fun and take every opportunity that comes her way.

Lorna Ive

Lorna Ive should be a poster girl for the Visible Start Course – her personal mission being to own midlife, have fun and take every opportunity that comes her way.

She found the course at a perfect time, having established a highly successful social media presence between 2018-2021.  In an early Visible Start ‘transferable skills’ presentation where the group was asked to think about transferable life experience, Lorna gave a brilliant example that resonated with ever multitasking women: at one time she had four children at four different schools and had to think logistics on minute-by-minute basis, every single day.

In 2018, with two of of her four children still at home and working as a teaching assistant, Lorna completed a Digital Mums course which inspired her to set up her own business Peri Meno Post: a website and social media brand born to empower menopausal women. Lorna is also the founder of a social media agency and has won two awards for her work: the Small Business Sunday award by Theo Paphitis and Jaqueline Gold ‘WOW’ Women on Wednesday award.

After 24 years working and living locally in Wadhurst, East Sussex, Lorna is hungry to get back into a more vibrant, dynamic and social working environment. She’s passionate about new technologies and continually expanding her skillset – in addition to the Digital Mums course Lorna is also teaching herself coding in her spare time. The Visible Start presentations by Google encouraged her to deep dive into all things search. During a 1:1 zoom networking session, a WPP mentor spotted that the experience gained from her first career on the LIFFE Stock Exchange (where Lorna met her husband) would be skills directly transferable to Programmatic, something that was then ignited for her in its subsequent presentation. She’s excited to find out more about opportunities within the WPP group, as well as the network this new group has opened up as a pioneering space for midlife women.

In her spare time, you can find Lorna on the catwalk – she was recently runner up in the Miss GB Classic Pageant contest!