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Maureen Anderson is a phenomenal woman. There’s a fire that still burns within us, and Maureen Anderson is using that fire.

Maureen Anderson

Maureen Anderson is a phenomenal woman.

She journals, she supports, she’s an entrepreneur in her own way. A ‘grandpreneur’, A mother, grandmother, sister and friend. An adult orphan, unsure if she’s still a daughter. But proudly once definitely was. She’s an activist – a champion for women’s issues. The Founder of MAMM (Melanin And Menopause Moements), she’s an advocate for the importance of melanin-rich women being seen, heard and valued in the global menopause narrative.

She’s a Parenting Consultant at ‘Parent Lab’, working with parents to help them understand their children’s behaviour, and with children to help them understand their parents: the ‘Super Nanny’ — or Triage — of early intervention in Social Care. Supporting parents who don’t have the help from any public service, she’s the ‘parent whisperer’ – there to be a guide, offering tips and strategies.

Losing her her parents within four weeks of each other, Maureen set up ‘The Kitchen Table’, and as the co-host of this bereavement project, provides a space where people can come together to listen and be supported along their very personal journeys of loss. She shares her own experience with both community groups and the APPG.

“It’s important that lessons are learned so that we do not make the same decisions in the future when it comes to caring for loved ones in residential homes, hospitals or at home in the care of their families.”

She’s offers wellness coaching and has designed a four-week educational menopause programme she delivers online, supporting women internationally on their menopause journey.

She’s campaigning to ensure that women over 40 have their own personal menopause plan – there’s a Go Fund Me page set up to help continue her ongoing work.

She’s a storyteller, a creative and soon to be published author – we’ll be seeing Maureen’s on our shelves in 2022.

“[It’s important to] stand up for children and to stand out and up for what you believe in. If you see a need or a gap and you believe you can fill it and make a difference, then go ahead – do something – don’t waste time waiting.”

She has strong ethics, strong values, says what she means, and means what she says.

Maureen Anderson really is a phenomenal woman.

“There’s a fire that still burns within us.”

And Maureen Anderson is using that fire.