A grey / blonde / red / blue / black haired army of lovely women

I like your brand a lot more now you’ve stopped moaning. A good guy said to my face last week.

I didn’t flinch.

Apparently I come across as bitter Said the brilliant creative woman who dares to point out how valuable the female economy is. She rolled her eyes.

And then there was this pearler: When my midlife female client gets off her endurance reality show – we’re going to have to soften her image

The look of shock on his face when I said “Fuck that, harden it!” Don’t underestimate the anger of older women. We crave strong leaders.

Yikes! The world is coming to terms with the fact that the women who made it through the world’s toughest reality show – ‘Kill or be killed. The first women in business’ – turned out to be a group of Amazons.

But the final eight have no intention of fighting to the death. We’d much rather get together over a glass or two of chardonnay and discuss the dismantling of the patriarchy in a civilised fashion.

Get more than three highly-experienced women together in any industry and it soon turns into a meeting of generals, relating lessons learned from previous battles and strategising for the ones ahead. You see, one of the patriarchy’s greatest tricks was pitting women against each other. What they didn’t know was – those of us who played the game were playing a long one.

Apparently terrifying to younger generations and neanderthal men, there is something really beautiful about these battle-weary, dyed-in-the-wool feminists. Their softness. Years of love and loss knocks off the edges of resentment, turning anger into determination. Women who have lived a full life have never felt so powerful. And they’re not fighting any more, they’re too busy reaping the spoils of war.

Clients are waking up to the fact that women over 50 buy 47% of everything. And you need a hell of a lot of experience to communicate to them.

Young women who are being promoted in their droves are seeing the value in having a wise woman on their teams. She is their greatest ally. Not all of us aimed for the stars, some of us just love what we do and are more than happy to raise a young female boss to the stratosphere.

Those who made it to the heights look back on the journey, not with anger, but with a view to making it easier for the brilliant women who follow us.

We’re sending the elevator down.

We’re sending the elevator down.

Because the last trick of the patriarchy was to make us all fear growing older.

A privilege that has been the dream of every woman since the start of time.

Now there are more of us than there have ever been. And we’re not about to disappear.

Our generation has not only witnessed massive change – we created it. And at a time when the world needs to change quicker than ever, we’re energised and ready to take charge or be the wise hands on deck.

Gloria Steinem famously said, “Women get more radical with age.”

I think we just run out of patience.



#uninvisibility #sayyourage


(Photo D-Mo Zajac)