Visible Start Graduate


Paulerene will make you smile, laugh hard and loud and think – the woman has wit and wisdom by the bucketload!

Paularene Lester

There’s a lot to Paularene, so this is only a snapshot…

Born in London to Jamaican parents, looking back on her school days she says would have been more suited to the Brit School than an academic establishment as she loved acting and drama, but in those days it was frowned upon as a career path for a young woman – Pitman’s secretarial, bank or office roles being the main — preferable — options. Paulerene loves music, especially live music, and the soundtrack to her life would feature anything from Daryl Hall to Chronixx. Her all time fave film is Carmen Jones with Dorothy Dandridge, and Paularene can recite the Jaws script word for word!

Her very first job was at the admissions department at Guy’s hospital, and one of her worst was working at the Science Museum, cataloguing Materia Medica (Latin pharmacological data) in a bottle green basement room on a VDU green screen with orange text overlooking a dark stairwell complete with pipes and steam! Still, she stuck it out for 2 years – now that’s staying power!

Paularene has worked across a really diverse range of sectors and been involved in a wide variety of roles, although always guided by her passion, intuition and interest in a more diverse society.  She has worked across the public, private and charitable sectors, all the way from the NHS to a career in journalism — starting as the Editor’s PA — where her passion for writing led her to launch her own Lifestyle section called Journal Woman as part of the Voice Group: the leading Black newspaper group at the time. She went on to become European Sales & Marketing Manager for a leading African American hair care brand where her creativity was unleashed and she learned to walk on water – with a scant-to-zero budget with which to go up against major brands Paulerene went from being kicked out of beauty stores with her samples to being on the top table at industry awards ceremonies. All whilst raising a child as a single parent.

She later reinvented herself in the Education & Employability sector, providing training and skills development to the long-term unemployed, as well as working with vulnerable children and adults alongside social workers. More recently, Paulerene has been working within the immigration department of Europe’s leading digital transformation company.

What her working life and career path have in common is communication, serving the wider community and a passion for helping people move forward with their lives. People and community are at the heart of everything Paulerene does.

A dedicated life-long learner, Paulerene is qualified to teach ESOL, Project Management and many other Professional Development courses and always embraces new technology. She would say creativity and a natural marketing instinct is at her core. Oh, and she goes weak at the knees for a homemade carrot cake.

Paulerene will make you smile, laugh hard and loud and think – the woman has wit and wisdom by the bucketload! She says her sense of humour has kept her going through tough times, and no doubt there’s a must-read book in her just yearning to come out. Paularene feels that she’s going through her own great reset. She loves being part of the Visible Society’s pioneering, life-boosting project and believes that it’s no accident that she’s here as one of the Uninvisibility teamsters.