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Midlife women still have half a life to live with zero f**ks left to give.

We are no longer prepared to operate in a world where only female youth and beauty is celebrated.  We’re here to show you what we’re made of. And create a world where midlife women are valued, supported and celebrated.

A world where we take life by the scruff of its neck and create long and profitable careers, build businesses and products, become masters of the startup world and have an active voice in all aspects of business and society.

It’s time to pioneer again

We’re now the first women who have experienced a full career cycle and for far too many of us that meant redundancy and invisibility in midlife. This has to change.

At a time when women’s emotional labour is setting us back 70 years, it’s time to redesign career paths for women that suit our lifestyle and biology – not a man’s. It is absolute cruelty that the career ‘sweet spot’ is set to 35 just when our biological clock is starting its countdown. We are here to demonstrate that women can restart their careers in midlife and succeed brilliantly because midlife is the most powerful time in a woman’s life, she is more confident, has limitless life experience and finally has the brain space to dedicate herself fully to her career, her life’s work and her community.

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We’ve been your age. You’ve never been ours.

The world is wasting one of its most valuable assets – highly educated, highly experienced women oozing confidence backed with wisdom and empathy who have plenty more years on the clock. When we’re absent from positions of power, younger women have no one to look up to and nothing to look forward to.

It’s time for us to step up.

Become uninvisible

Uninvisibility is a network of brilliant midlife women from around the globe who are determined to change the narrative on midlife. We are working with brands, government and change makers to create a new image for the second half of life.

Now we’re living longer there’s no longer just young and old, there’s a whole new middle and it’s the best bit!

Join us for the ride…

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