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Never afraid to shake things up, who knows which lucky people will be next to benefit from Sarah’s vast experience and infectious attitude.

Sarah Browne

A “scrappy, start-up founder”, Sarah Browne is too modest. Sarah Browne is a woman who gets things done.

Moving from California to London, she’s on a mission to investigate the zeitgeist of her new hometown’s 45+ tribe. Sarah’s here to make change happen.

Making change happen is Sarah’s superpower. Digging deep into the reality of our world, unearthing those golden nuggets of an idea that no one else seems to spot and running — really running — with them. She’s a creator, a problem solver, a (really) big thinker and a connector. Sarah Browne has a lot of superpowers.

In her career as a copywriter, Sarah honed her craft in the real life Mad Men and world of Ogilvy & Mather, working on big name brands: Revlon and Chanel to name just a few. But it was the consumer insights side of the industry that really fascinated a young Miss Browne. And the side she decided to pursue.

By 25, she’d set up her own market research consultancy, running focus groups to support the insatiable tech players of Silicon Valley – Microsoft, Yahoo, you get the picture. Work that fed her obsession with technology and passion for data. But work wasn’t the end of the story.

Keen to switch it up again, Sarah’s appetite for invention, investment and start-ups won out and since her Silicon days she’s supported fledgling companies as they fly the nest, making sure they’re ready to gain footing in one of the fastest moving global marketplaces there is.

Alongside all of this, she’s also taken on parenting with the same gusto; a working mum cutting her teeth in the era of “every child should have a nanny”, Sarah was unsurprisingly one of the first to embrace ‘take your daughters to work day’.

Passionate about encouraging women to keep pushing the narrative, her daughter Katie now heads up the LinkedIn’s UK news team – changing perceptions and connecting people is clearly in the Browne women’s blood.

While the pandemic may have temporarily put pay to the exploration of her new surroundings, Sarah has taken the opportunity to immerse herself in a new project, Silver Ventures, which positions her as a finalist in The Mayor of London’s programme placing design-led innovation at the heart of the city’s recovery.

And the ideas just keep on coming.

Never afraid to shake things up, who knows which lucky people will be next to benefit from Sarah’s vast experience and infectiousness.

One thing’s for sure, I’m pleased to hear she takes a break once in a while – be it snuggling on the sofa with her Golden Retriever mix Murphy Browne or the other love of her life,Ted Lasso!

But this phoenix has no intention of staying suspended in flight. Keep on rising, Sarah Browne.