The woman with the best gags


Sue Higgs is one of the most hilarious women you will ever meet. She’s been in advertising agencies since the late eighties and they have changed a lot.

​Giving her a lot of material.

Sue Higgs

“Everyone talks about side hustle these days. I’m a single mum to three
teenagers. That’s my side hustle. What do they want me to do? Start a micro-brewery? Knit vaginas?”

Sue is one of a handful of women who will admit to being over fifty who still create the ads we all watch. Her work stands apart for its empathy and creativity.

And actually showing women over 50.

Apparently, 86% of older women believe brands don’t care about them because they never see themselves in commercials. Sue and the team led by the all-conquering Vicki Maguire are putting that right.

Sue’s finally reached a place of safety in a female-friendly agency. She has earned her rightful place in the world our generation dreamed of and fought so hard to manifest.

What’s more, she’s found her voice.

A couple of weeks ago she gave her first ever speech.

“I couldn’t believe it, they really were interested in what I had to say. But most of all, they liked it because I told it as it really is.”

But she can’t actually tell it like it is.

There’s something from her past that still troubles her.

She’d like to share it. Deal with it. Make sure it never happens to anyone else.

​But the woman with the best gags has been gagged.