Visible Start Graduate


A far cry from linear progression, Tina’s career has been an exciting journey of following both her passion and intuition, achieving success through her charisma and attitude.

Tina Bettison

With an innate curiosity for humanity: life, people and connections, it’s no surprise that Tina’s career has been so diverse – full of synchronicities leading her to become a published author, writer, editor and broadcaster. But defining her by these labels feels too limiting. Tina is a creator and a curator. She’s certainly an accomplished wordsmith, but her talents span far wider than words alone; gifted in insight, strategy, photography, art, journalism, interviewing and coaching, Tina’s bow has many strings, and this is only naming a few.

A far cry from linear progression, her career has been an exciting journey of following both her passion and intuition and it feels wrong to lay down a chronological timeline of her professional life. Right now, she’s staying true to her love of writing, crafting words for clients and herself.

Tina’s venture into B2B and B2C corporate communications, spent time doing market research. She’s pursued an interest in the psychology of horse riders: written, spoken and coached extensively around all things equine. She’s penned and published six books — including two bestsellers — under her name, and ghost-written and edited loads of others.

Able to recognise when a chance encounter or casual conversation might lead to something big, Tina’s success has been built on serendipity. Whether it’s acting on a chat over dinner — would she make a guest appearance on a daytime radio show? — and ending up hosting and presenting two shows of her own, or selling the art gallery that she set up with her 90-year-old mother to a local photographer just before the pandemic, Tina has gut feeling in spades.

As if her resumé wasn’t already impressive, she’s presented a TV pilot on books and their authors and somehow found the time to launch and run a somewhat iconic local women’s magazine. She volunteers at Open Studios Notts, supporting the county’s artists, makers and creators by promoting their open studios. Tina is quite the woman.

Driven by the desire to find the parallel between things that are seemingly unconnected, it’s these links she translates into creative expression. It’s her curiosity that has seen her embark on new ventures, and her passion that’s seen her do so without any fear. It’s her creativity that pushes her to find new ways of self-expression, whether it’s writing, making art, or photographing flowers.

As Tina contemplates the next part of her journey, it will be all of those things that take her there. And whoever she works with will be very lucky. The woman is super smart and super sagacious. All that remains to be said, is watch out world.