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Midlife women still have half a life to live with zero f**ks left to give. We are no longer prepared to operate in a world where only female youth and beauty is celebrated.  We’re here to show you what we’re made of.


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Bushra Burge

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Bushra Burge is a phenomenal woman. 

She graduated from Imperial College, London, with a degree in Biochemistry and Management. 

Worked on databases for the Y2K scare in finance, investment banks and insurance.

Ask her what she’s is up to these days and she’ll take you places you’d never expect. She teaches participatory design at the RCA  – a radical design approach where the end users are brought in right from the start. She’s creating AR experiences for festivals and local streets and applying for a grant to research the human and social effects of living in biospheres on Mars


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‘Invisible to Invaluable. Unleashing the Power of Midlife Women’ by Jane Evans and Carol Russell will be published May 27 2021.

It takes us on a journey from the start of time to the beginning of the future to show us what the world looks like when we value midlife women.


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Do superwomen exist or do you just not see us?

We see lots of blogs and articles encouraging us to not feel bad for not writing a book, founding a startup or getting fit over lockdown. But what if you have? Should you keep quiet? Of course COVID has not been kind to all of us, and our hearts go out to those who have suffered greatly. But women have been dragged back enough in this pandemic, keeping quiet about our achievements sets us back even further, especially when so many women have tried and failed to be superwomen. It’s not their fault…

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In May 2021 we launched VisibleStart, an online course backed by WPP that gives midlife women from all over the UK the opportunity to train in media and digital online and enter a pipeline where there are real jobs and further training waiting with open arms.


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Women over 45 buy 50.3% of everything. Yet creative midlife women in advertising are not only invisible – they say we don’t exist. Nothing could be further from the truth, we broke barriers to build long successful careers, we’ve won tons of awards and we are your best bet to reach the most powerful consumers on the planet.


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