Visible Start Graduate


Veronica’s work has made a real difference to patients and clients alike, her work helped solve a common issue for modern woman.

Veronica Montgomery

Veronica Montgomery is a vibrant, passionate marketing and media professional. The mother of two, she has used her immense knowledge and industry experience to create industry-leading website The Fertility Hub: a platform designed to help young couples in need of assisted reproduction. A public speaker on healthcare tourism and healthcare marketing, Veronica has been published in multiple scientific publications and regularly writes on fertility issues.

Veronica began her career in healthcare publishing, honing her marketing skills as an ad agency Director where she led a team that successfully added new and retained existing clients across an impressive portfolio: her winning formula being to offer them opportunities to take different directions to their competitors in order to stand out from the crowd.

As consummate professional, Veronica recognises that although the concept of marketing stays the same, the media industry is ever changing with the introduction of new channels and expansion of digital opportunities. Always someone to embrace change, she’s always looking to make sure she keeps up to date so her work remains cutting edge and relevant.

Veronica’s professional focus took an exciting change of direction when she accepted a marketing role at the Barbados Fertility Centre. Not only did she fall in love with the island, but found assisted reproduction to be close to her heart – as a mother she could empathise with the anguish of young couples desperate to start their own families. She also understood how the pressures on modern women are different to those experienced by mothers; instead of having children in their twenties, women are now encouraged to first build a career and gain financial stability. Unfortunately, a woman’s reproductive clock runs down as she ages and as a result more couples now need help to conceive.

While working in Barbados, Veronica saw the field of fertility was not keeping abreast of modern media developments — websites weren’t live, there were no industry updates and very little education for patients — and on returning to the UK she built The Fertility Hub with the aim of addressing these problems.

Offering free access to patient information, explanations of possible diagnoses and details of available supplements and potential treatment options, the site also provides a dedicated area for healthcare professionals which covers the science, research and latest medical advances as well as including information on available job opportunities for Doctors, Embryologists and Nurses. There are also courses for continuing professional development. As most couples start their journey by approaching their GP, Veronica is also the publisher of GP Resource Hub.

Veronica’s work has made a real difference to patients and clients alike, and while she remains dedicated to The Fertility Hub and consultancy commitments, she’s keen to explore opportunities that will bring her healthcare background into a client services role through the Visible Start programme (although ultimately her retirement goal is to return to to Barbados and maintain a home both there and in the UK –  why not enjoy the best of both worlds?!).