Visible Comms

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Four Suitcases: Janetta’s adventures for Staysure.

How do you create a social media campaign for a travel insurance company when nobody can travel?

You take everyone back to the last plane out of lockdown and tell a wonderful story of love and self-discovery.

Bambi’s secret New Orleans.

Bambi is the epitome of New Orlean’s style, in this film she shows us how to blend in like a local.

Hello London! Fantastic facts and fabulous outfits!

Janetta finally discovered her love of travel and was grounded. So she took her new found love of adventure to the streets of London.

Meet Adam and the Little General.

When travel seemed impossible we took our Staysure client to a place no one ever dreams of going to – Keelung Taiwan

Visible Start – Second careers for midlife women.

Programme Launch Campaign

How do you let midlife women know there are second careers waiting for them? Portray them as they were when they started their first careers!

The time for talk is over – it’s time for action!